Thai authority is trying to cope with the half-breed children...
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2005-08-19 17:01:19 UTC
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Did anyone happen to stay home yestersday, and watch ASTV News 1. It a
Thai news on channel 2 if anyone have LaoBC box. I happened to flip to
this channel while I got bored from LaoBC. They had an interviewed with
a Thai woman who was always wanted to married falang, and she did
married falang. She came and live with her husband in the US, and know
the ugly truth that she couldn't imagine. She first alway thought
falang is taller than Thai men, rich, and romantic she has alway seen
in movie. The reality was not as she had imagined. Differnet culture,
food, language, and many. Man, it's too long to explain it, but it was
good of her to come out and speak out about what Thai women "Niyom" as
she said to married falang. They even have auhtority to monitor the
success rate to those who married falang for the next 45 years. A woman
authority said that there're many half breed kids in Thailand now, and
she said those kids have mixed blood. How will they get those mixed
blood when those kids are illed she said. It was a good story, and hope
Lao women would learn from her.
2005-08-19 17:41:02 UTC
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Being of mixed blood does not make your blood type unigue.

Si Hahed
2017-03-09 08:28:37 UTC
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Mixing race does not create new blood groups. this is ignorant, and the only reason that this women speaking is good is to show her own ignorance and superficiality. what; did she watch t.v and think it was reality. Now she is warning others about marrying Farangs because the reality may not match the expectations they developed through T.V ignorance, and materialistic wishful thinking.