Why Is China Claiming Roughly 90% of "South China Sea"?
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Her Lao
2016-02-21 02:34:49 UTC
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"South China Sea," of course, is the body of waters surrounded and bordered by mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and the Philippines.

These guys, the Chinese, CONFUSED --- on purpose, of course --- the phrase "South China Sea" for "It is our private ocean"...

(((.... And, for pre-emption purposes, China, right after it sent missiles to the aritificial island it has built in the middle of the "South China Sea," China accused evil Americans of "militarizing the South China Sea"!!! LOL )))

But, of course, being very nice and gentle and all that, they simply tell others, BOTH INDIVIDUALS who question them and nations who challenge such a claim, NOT TO TELL LIES ABOUT CHINA AND HER HISTORICAL RIGHTS to the whole of "South China Sea."

Note: "South China Sea" is simply a phrase MAP-MAKERS or cartographers used to label a certain body of waters.... like "The Indian Ocean" or "The Pacific Ocean" or "The Gulf of Mexico" or "The Atlantic Ocean" or "The Gulf of Thailand" or "The Gulf of Oman" or "The Persian Gulf" or "The Gulf of Aden" or "The Arabian Sea," "Bay of Bengal," "Celtic Sea," "North Sea," "Norwegian Sea,"
Caribbean Sea," etc., etc., etc.


China CAN'T and SHOULDN'T claim roughly 90% of the "South China Sea" just like Mexico can't and shouldn't claim 90% of the "Gulf of Mexico"! NOR SHOULD THE USA, being the more powerful nation, of the two, assert that, in fact, the GULF OF MEXICO IS REALLY THE GULF OF TEXAS, and now 90% of it belongs to the USA!

Again, don't confuse map-making, cartographic labeling and tradition for YOUR OWN PRIVATE OCEANS, just because map-makers borrow a name from ONE of the nearby shores, people, names, country, etc!


This is why, I said, if my hero and genius billionaire Donald J. Trump's elected Prez of the USA, he'd order another 200-500 F-22 built, to supplement the 188 or so the USA has, and cut-back on the smaller, single-engined F-35 orders... from around 2,400 or so down to around 1,500 to 1,800 or so in the next 20 years...

After all, while the much larger F-22 is about twice as expensive, it could easily do about twice as much, too:

front line, first-call-to-engage, almost twice as powerful, roughly 500MPH faster and a couple hundred more miles in range capability, roughly 20,000 ft higher-flight-capability, it can easily carry both nuclear missiles and conventional ones, internally... it it superior to more or less all other fighter jets, including Russian ones, therefore, able to do air-to-air with any other fighter jet and do air-to-ground operations on deep missions into enemy air space with enough speed, stealth, and range to get it back out safely...
Her Lao
2016-02-22 05:08:00 UTC
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Debating on who has the right, or who has more right, etc. to virtually all of South China Sea --- beyond the 12 or so miles bordering the coast of each nation, which are traditionally off to other nations unless invited --- is one thing...

But now that China has gone ahead and built the infrastructures on more and more islands, with dredging going on to make them large enough to land airplanes and fighter jets, there is really nothing other nations, including the USA, could do.

Vietnam and the Philippines are poor countries without the navies necessary to enforce their claims... so now all they could do is take China to the UN, but since the permanent Security Council unit --- the only one that really counts on international issues, with the General Assembly merely being a rubber stamp mechanism of the Security unit, with JUST FIVE (the USA, China, Russia, England, and France) being the only ones that really count --- since the Security Council unit OVER-RULES, BY JUST ONE MEMBER ALONE from the BIG FIVE, any and all issue, agenda, undertaking, bill, etc.... neither Vietnam or the Philippines would win any thing.

And even if they did, however remote, China will just ignore it, since being one of the Big Five, permanent Security Council members, it could pretty much do as it wishes, notwithstanding what others say...
Her Lao
2016-07-12 14:17:53 UTC
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Remember, China said it was not going to accept a negative decision, if it was gong to be one.

I am not sure === if you said things like that before a court or tribunal === if you'd make a 180 degree turn & say, "See, we told you we are right," SHOULD the decision go your way?

Anyway, no country === be it China or Vietnam or Cambodia or Laos or the Philippines or Indonesia, waht-not === should be unilaterally or any other manner claim a body of water on earth that is as large as pretty much the entirety of Southeast Asia... as a private body of water, from the 12-mile zone of your ocean border ALL THE WAY to the 12-mile zone of other countries hundreds to thousands of miles away...

It just doesn't work that way.

The "South China Sea" belongs, historically or otherwise, to China as much as the "Indian Ocean" belonging to India or the "Gulf of Mexico" belonging to Mexico or the "Persian Gulf" belonging to Persia...
Her Lao
2016-07-13 07:53:38 UTC
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2016-07-13 17:41:34 UTC
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stop harassing them mainland commie chinese. don't you see that every map since magellan has the words chinese sea written in bold letters all over it? must be true no?