Secretive Laos thrust into spotlight with journalists' arrests, blast
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2003-07-02 16:28:57 UTC
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What you said makes sense. I tried to clean up my garage, and I saw the
other day an old brochure of Lao's investment Opportunity. I saw their hand
shakings etc.. Any ways, writing the law is one thing, abide by the law is
another thing. Law enforcement in Laos is questionable, due to their lack
of justice, they could have improved already but I don't know that.
From my understanding the Lao law and foreign investment laws were
drafted by Dirksen Flipse Doran and Le. these are Americans and former
lawyers of Gem Mining Laos, Lao Securicor and every other foreign
investor to Laos.
kay and other scl folks,
somebody told me that the new lao pdr constitution and the law book
were written more than ten years ago during the chintanakanh(lao
perestroyka style) metamorphosis. the whole works were done by a team
of lawyers from harvard or some ivy league place. so the document has
to be a work of beauty for when it comes to democracy who knows better
than the americans? but when it comes to not practicing it who knows
better than the ldpr?
only Laos officials would follow their own laws then there would be
fairness in the court. But you and I are not stupid, we know there is
corruption there which makes it very difficult for Laos govt to ensure
2016-09-29 14:21:19 UTC
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So Vilaykham Siphandone is a daughter of former president Khamtay Siphandone?