Obama's Unmitigated Failure in Syria
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Her Lao
2016-06-21 02:50:38 UTC
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On most issues, John McCain and the Fox News crowds are just babbling as trigger happy morons whose every action, they say, is to save Western Civilization from collapsing.

But on the issue of Syria, I do go along with John McCain in saying Obama is an abject failure.

Now, I DO UNDERSTAND his reluctance to act against Assad, even before Putin sent in his soldiers and fighter jets to Latakia, from where they fly out daily to bomb the rest of the country.

And Obama's philosophy is: I am not getting involved, even if 500,000 or 1M or 2M Syrians die; it is not our problem.

Yes, the US can't and should get involved in every self-started war around the world.

But if Obama's intention is to "destroy ISIL," which is what his latest phraseology is, how the fuck are you going to do that, since it is ASSAD who got ISIS/ISIL started in the first place?

ISIS terrorists didn't pop out of thin air; it came about, with more and more recruitment over the years BECAUSE OF ASSAD and his regime.

Isn't the way to destroy ISIS to destroy ITS CAUSE in the first place?

When you draw a line, whatever the fuck it is, and YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THROUGH, what is Assad or the world going to think of you?

There's one thing I like to do and it is to slap Obama silly. We elected you to MAKE TOUGH DECISIONS, not to make yourself look good in your own head. When you draw a "red line," you had better follow through and not look like a fuckin' wimp. I just don't care what others, FOX folks, say... but when YOU YOURSELF DRAW A CERTAIN "DO NOT CROSS" LINE, YOU HAD BETTER FUCKIN' BACK IT UP, OR SHUT THE FUCK UP.

The deaths of Syrians are SLOWLY PUSHING the 500,000 mark, now, and over half the population is displaced, both internally and abroad, with millions of children and women suffering, and tens of thousands slowly dying... daily, in YouTube.

If there is one thing that could cost HILLARY this election, it is not crazy Ape Man Trump's BS; it is THIS very Syria issue... this abject failure of Obama... this wish-washing, wimpish attitude of his.
2016-06-25 00:09:22 UTC
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Syria and other Arab nations were doing fine until white men, especially the American, went to their lands to spread American freedom. To say that ISIS was created by Assad was a total naive and absurd. Why putting blame on someone else? Now over 5 million Arabs are without homeland. You should go ask how these people feel about your war. The like of McCain and Obama are coward. They are war monger and never going to fight their own wars. They sent poor kids to die for useless causes. If you advocate for more war you are much as bad as these people.
Her Lao
2016-06-25 08:16:37 UTC
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Please, if you're going to comment on my view, understand my LARGER view first. Otherwise, you're merely choosing to focus on ASPECTS of the larger view but those aspects my not be the entire larger view.

And my LARGER VIEW is this:

the US should EITHER get the fuck out of the Mid East entirely, or, if you must get involved, you must do it seriously, with serious plans and MONEY to make sure it doesn't become a basket case.

Either approach, I don't really care; I could live with, if done to the best of our ability.

But you CAN'T and SHOULDN'T send in just a couple HUNDRED special operations forces only, into the battlefield and say they are NOT part of the "boots on the ground" and have 4,000 regular soldiers MOSTLY isolated to US military bases there, like it is the present time.

As a former refugee, and I assume you are too, Mr.Ghost... I think you and I understand the tragedy of major countries getting involved in the affairs of smaller ones.

But, let's be honest, too, while we are at it: smaller nations by themselves trying to solve their differences ALMOST NEVER WORK, either, since they resort to local tribalism and only the strongest survive.

The INVOLVEMENT of the US === to the greatest of degrees... so deep and so wide in fact, that the affected countries were more or less DICTATED to right after the war === in South Korea, Japan, and Germany... if I must remind you, have not resulted in more chaos or blood shed.

In fact, those three countries that the US initially dictated to and told how to do reconstruction again, from politics to economics, happen to be three of 12 or so largest economies in the world... the most educated, developed, and democratic (small "d" of course).

Japanese is the third largest economy in the world, Germany is the fourth, and South the 10 or 11th, having over-taken mighty Russia (even though Russia is close to 150M people while South Korea is only around 45-50M people)...

So, again, EITHER get involved with seriousness, which including sheeding serious blood and treasure AND DICTATE TO THESE LITTLE BRITAL PEOPLE they will either do as they are told, for their own good, so they could start educating their populations and developing economically... or they will see a big, black boot on their necks for generations... Because if you've risked tens to hundreds of thousands of lives, with hundreds of billions to TRILLIONS of dollars spent on the Middle East... you might as well tell them EXACTLY how they are going to behave!

Or, again, get the fuck entirely out and not leave one soldier in the Mid East, and let them resort to using mostly 7th century fairy tale holy bullshit as holy and divine ruling principles... even if they can't live without Boeing, iPhones, Facebook, Google, Toyota, BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, etc.... ALL from countries who've shed Stone, Iron, and Bronze age rituals and beliefs and practices as the daily most important guiding principles in education, in economics, in politics, etc.